Links para download oficial do Microsoft Office 2021 em Inglês

Links para download oficial do Microsoft Office 2021 em Inglês

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Microsoft Office 2021 is a version of the application suite, Microsoft Office, for Windows 10 or higher and macOS operating systems.

Available in 102 languages, Microsoft Office 2021 is the successor to Office 2019 and was released on October 5, 2021, its release build was 2108 (16.0.14326.20454)

Office 2021 introduces new dynamic arrays, XLOOKUP features for Excel, full dark mode support, and performance improvements. Support for retail versions of Office 2021 will end on October 13, 2026; unlike older versions of Office, there will be no extended support period.

Office 2021 Development

Updates include better support for the OASIS OpenDocument file format. The version update adds features to leave the function, has greater ease of searching for the XMatch function, dynamic arrays, XLOOKUP. Improves Ink for Translations in Microsoft Outlook and PowerPoint.

In Office 2021, you’ll find new co-authoring features, in-ink writing tools, data types, functions, translation and editing tools, motion graphics, ease-of-use features, and more! Check out what’s available to you today.Note: Some features listed below are not included in Office LTSC 2021 for commercial customers. Each of these features will be noticed if it does not apply to Office LTSC 2021 for commercial customers.

Important: If you have Office through a Microsoft 365 (or Office 365) plan, this is separate from Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021. For example, if you’re already using Microsoft 365, or if your organization has deployed Microsoft 365 Apps for Large Businesses (formerly Called Office 365 ProPlus) for users in your organization, you don’t need Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021. You already have all the features included in Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021, along with many other features that are not in Office 2021 or Office LTSC 2021.

Just as we did when we made the microsoft office 2019 download links we decided to update our list now with the 2021 version.

Download Microsoft Office 2021 in Inglês

Program Language Download link File Name
Access 2021 English Access2021Retail.img
Excel 2021 English Excel2021Retail.img
Outlook 2021 English Outlook2021Retail.img
PowerPoint 2021 English PowerPoint2021Retail.img
Project 2021 Professional English ProjectPro2021Retail.img
Project 2021 Standard English ProjectStd2021Retail.img
Office 2021 Professional Plus English ProPlus2021Retail.img
Publisher 2021 English Publisher2021Retail.img
Visio 2021 Standard English VisioStd2021Retail.img
Word 2021 English Word2021Retail.img
Office 2021 Home and Business English HomeBusiness2021Retail.img
Office 2021 Home and Student English HomeStudent2021Retail.img
Office 365 Business English O365BusinessRetail.img
Office 365 Home Premium English O365HomePremRetail.img
Office 365 Professional Plus English O365ProPlusRetail.img
Office 2021 Professional English Professional2021Retail.img
Visio 2021 Professional English VisioPro2021Retail.img


Microsoft Office 2021 installation:

  1. Open the image you downloaded by double-clicking on top of it.
    Arquivos da Imagem de instalação
    Files inside the downloaded image
  2. Open the Office folder
    Arquivos dentro da pasta Office
    Files inside the Office folder
  3. Choose and run setup32.exe to install 32-bit Office 2021, or run setup64.exe to install 64-bit Office 2021


Microsoft Office 2021 activation:

We remind you that we are making download links available for Microsoft Office 2021 installation files, for activation you must have your Office product key

Note: If you have any questions about installation or activation, comment below that we will reply in this or create another post explaining how to do.
Any broken link found, please leave comments below, thank you all for your cooperation.

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